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Friday, May 4, 2012

ArtWork Activity Bench

The ArtWork  activity bench is unique in that it builds the creativity of art and design as well as construction skills in one compact work bench. Since this activity bench combines an Art Easel on one side and a Work Bench on the other, children can first draw or design their projects before they build their projects. Just to be clear your first project together with your child will be to build the ArtWork as by downloading the plans. Both boys and girls will love how they can paint, draw, pound, saw, drill and create all of their crafts right on the same easel and workbench combination right in their own backyard or workshop.

>> Free Download - Building Plans in PDF Format <<

The ArtWork was designed to be built using a single sheet of 1/4" plywood. Download the free PDF project plans and material list describing how to build this project from materials at Home Depot. This project takes intermediate wood working skills. To be safe you should work under the direction of a carpenter or qualified professional who is familiar with power tools and building safety

This project was designed by and created by Marv Ahlstrom. Please share a comment below as you use these free plans. 

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